Issues that matter


With the cost of living skyrocketing nationally, Farouk believes that we need to enact quick, immediate changes to the Connecticut gas tax and provide more tax breaks to working and middle class families.



We have a more than $2 billion surplus in our state budget, and now is the time to return money to Connecticut residents, enact a child tax credit, and pay down long-term debt.

Pandemic Preparedness

We need a standing Office of Pandemic Preparation to face our next crisis that focuses on testing, continuity of resources and services, and strategies for selective isolation.

Jobs and Economic Growth

Farouk will work hard to ensure that we are investing in our people so that our employers have the trained, skilled workforce to fill the jobs available today and tomorrow.



With 350,000 residents without insurance right now, it has never been more clear that we need to transition to universal healthcare. If we can’t do it nationally, we can do it regionally.


Racial Equity & Criminal Justice reform

We must achieve true racial equality. This means enacting meaningful criminal justice reform, policing reform, and passing laws to eliminate systemic racism.

College Affordability & Technical Schools 

We will enact college affordability measures for state schools so today's youth aren’t saddled with debt for decades and heavily invest in our technical schools to create the best workforce in America. 


Women’s Rights 

With Roe v. Wade in the balance, we must protect reproductive rights at the state level, eliminate the gender wage gap through tough legislation, and increase equal economic opportunity. 


Universal Pre-K Education

This decades-long Democratic goal must become a reality. Universal Pre-K is critical to eliminating long-standing inequities in public education and addressing the learning gap. 



We need to continue to ease the tax burden on seniors, many of whom are being priced out of the neighborhoods they helped build. We will continue to improve aging-in-place legislation.



Connecticut has been on the forefront for protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community, and Farouk will work to protect and improve these rights for all. 



We must enact realistic climate goals to transition away from fossil fuels, protect our farmland and shoreline, and we must begin to plan for the imminent transition to electric vehicles. Farouk will ensure that the State of Connecticut supports that transition with thoughtful strategic plans.